Käthe Kruse

Dolls for children and grown-ups.

While playing with dolls, children learn about the world: social behaviour, emotional learning, conversation and language skills. In a doll, children find a real friend who gives them trust and security.

Important is an age-appropriate doll:

Babies and toddlers need a soft and cuddly cloth doll.

Kindergarteners prefer dolls that look like them. They like to bath, comb and dress - a baby doll ist the perfect companion.

Pre-schoolers and school children are interested in hobbies, adventures with friends and fashion. The right doll is a standing doll.

Additional clothes and accessories enliven play.


Käthe Kruse dolls are available for all different ages, they are all made out of quality vinyl with vinyl or cloth bodies and painted hair or with wigs from high quality kanekalon.


Lots of dolls do not only find their way into the hearts and playrooms of children but are warmly adopted by adult collectors.


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Vinyl with cloth body:


  Bambina                 mini Bambina                Puppa            Child of fortune   Lolle



   Kikou                    Elea/Sophie           Mini Minouche


Dolls with full vinyl body:


   Plancherle              Baby Mein           Toni/Marie          Girls  


Cloth dolls: Waldorf